Instructions for the design of urban spaces

With the “Handbuch der Stadtbaukunst”, the “Deutsches Institut für Stadtbaukunst” at TU Dortmund University is completing its long-standing book series at DOM publishers. In four volumes, 150 examples of urban spaces, courtyards, squares and street spaces from more than 70 German cities are scaled, described, compared and checked for their urban quality for contemporary urban planning. After more than 100 years, the German Institute for Urban Architecture has reintroduced the topic of »the beauty of the European city« into the language of the planning institutions and, with the manual, would like to give the discourse a sound basis. The linen cords supplied in the jewelery slipcase will be delivered in spring 2021.

With thematic essays by Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani, Werner Oechslin, Alexander Pellnitz, Jan Pieper, Mirjam Schmidt, Wolfgang Sonne, Jürg Sulzer and Anne Pfeil as well as Thomas Will.

2021 by DOM publishers, Berlin, ISBN 978-3-86922-444-2, Christoph Mäckler with Birgit Roth (ed.)