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The 28th Dortmunder Architekturheft serves as a catalogue for Dortmund architecture conference and exhibition No. 17, which took place in the LWL industrial museum, Zollern Colliery, Dortmund, on 20 November 2015. The topic “balcony, oriel, loggia” inspired the speakers from theory and practice – Wolfgang Sonne, Andreas Hild, Klaus Theo Brenner, Gottfried Müller, Claudia Meixner, Ingemar Vollenweider and Arno Lederer – to totally contrasting views that covered issues from design right up to appearance in the streetscape. They examine the possibilities and challenges of using balcony, oriel and loggia elements in façade design, likewise the historical development of the bay window. The illustrations reflect very vividly the exhibition in which various examples of balconies, oriels and loggias in the built environment, as well as the architects’ own and other popular motifs, are compared in 35 articles by renowned architects such as Bernd Albers, Max Dudler, Petra and Paul Kahlfeldt, Jan Kleihues, Louisa Hutton and Matthias Sauerbruch.

INSTITUT FÜR STADTBAUKUNST, TU DORTMUND; ISBN 978-3883640693, Christoph Mäckler (ed.)