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In many cities around the Rhine and Ruhr rivers, the early 20th century is associated with the names of certain urban planning experts. Names such as Hermann Josef Stübben in Cologne, Robert Schmidt in Essen, Karl Elkart in Bochum or Hans Strobel in Dortmund. All of them had a decisive influence on shaping their cities and became outstanding personalities in the histories of those cities. The conditions they faced were anything but easy, because during that period, those cities were undergoing drastic changes. Rapid population growth catapulted them into the realm of huge conurbations. Cities that did not want to be overrun by these developments saw the need to take responsibility, to play an active rather than just a reactive role – by conceiving a specific urban vision to guide their planning. This book is the second volume in the trilogy covering this subject and turns its attention to the urban planning experts in the Rhine and Ruhr regions. For the first time, it provides an overview of the works of the masters of urban planning during that period and examines their output for suggestions to help modern urban planning.

2016 by DOM publishers, Berlin, ISBN 978-3-86922-536-4, Markus Jager, Wolfgang Sonne (ed.)