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This compendium of selected presentations on the elements of architecture reflects the spectrum covered by 10 years of Dortmund architecture conferences and supplements the book of illustrations already published. Based on the central notion of the ensemble, various articles examine the elements of architecture – the street window, the roof, the building entrance, the stair, the façade, ornamentation and detail, the urban courtyard, the plinth, stone in the façade, the balcony, the oriel and the loggia – from history of architecture, philosophical, constructional and artistic perspectives. New but also well-known relationships are developed and placed in new contexts or considered from unfamiliar angles. Writings that question or confirm the reader’s own views and attitudes will, however, certainly encourage new ideas.

2018 by DOM publishers, Berlin, ISBN 978-3-86922-624-8, Christoph Mäckler, Frank Paul Fietz, Saskia Göke (ed.)