In cooperation with renowned architects, the Siegfried and Elfriede Denzel Foundation established in the district of Dillingen a.d. Danube seven modern wooden chapels. 

The property of the chapel near Oberthürheim is located at a road fork west of the village in the middle of fields on the edge of a small wood. The wayside cross is marked by large chestnut trees from afar. The desire for simplicity led to the archetype “house” in the design process, that can be found in many chapels along the way. This reduction turns the place into a place to rest. The building material wood, which has grown in nature – its structural assembly, the interlocking and stacking – is part of the architectural reduction. Inside, 172 colored glasses bathe the chapel room in a deep blue light during the day, as well as a golden-yellow cross in the west-facing gable wall. 

Eckhart Matthäus © Siegfried and Elfriede Denzel Foundation

The new building of the German Romanticism Museum in Frankfurt am Main opened on September 14, 2021. Content of the exhibition is a collection on German Romanticism that has been assembled by Freies Deutsches Hochstift over the past 100 years and is unique in the world.

The museum building developed by MÄCKLERARCHITEKTEN offers an exhibition area of ​​around 1,200 square meters and a further 400 square meters for temporary exhibitions. The building owner of the museum is the municipal housing association ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING.

The three special features of the building at Hirschgraben in Frankfurt are:

Photo overview: Alexander Paul Englert /
Photo text: Eckhart Matthäus

On September 12, 2021, the church Mariä Himmelfahrt with a new extension was consecrated in the community of Waldfenster. The baroque Roman Catholic Church Mariä Himmelfahrt (1804) received an extension in the 1960s, the St. Pius Church. When the condition of the aging Sankt-Pius-Kirche required renovation, it was decided in 2015 to demolish the outdated building, to replace it with a new extension and to renovate the Church in its original form. MÄCKLERARCHITEKTEN focused on the careful handling of the structure of the historic existing building.

Photos: Kristina Leifels

On March 18, 2022, the HBO acceptance of construction phase 1 of Pier G at the new Terminal 3 was successfully granted. This important milestone ensures the start of the now soon to follow use. This was made possible by the support of the entire airport project team.

© Photo: Fraport AG